Life can be complicated. The multiple demands that are placed upon adults are challenging and often compete with one another. Many find themselves feeling stressed or living life on “automatic pilot” just to get through the day. It can be difficult to navigate one’s way and still feel authentic and alive. While life can be rewarding at times, many people find that they need something more, even if they aren’t clear what this means. They often experience a loss of vitality that manifests itself as depression, anxiety, or as a feeling of emotional deadness.

In therapy you develop a unique relationship that enables you to deepen your understanding of your needs and feelings, and find new ways of meeting life’s challenges. The nature of one’s difficulties isn’t always so clear and, even when it is, finding one’s way often is not so simple.

Jeremy believes that people move forward by forming a relationship that allows them the freedom to reflect upon their experience, to place their reactions in a deeper context, and to find more genuine ways of living.

As a thoughtful psychotherapist, Jeremy recognizes that each person has unique and evolving needs. He works with you to create an atmosphere where you are able to explore, to feel, and to imagine new possibilities. Through this process, not only can you find more satisfying ways of living, but you can also develop the ability to understand your needs and create more fulfilling relationships. In this way therapy leads to essential, long-term changes. Jeremy works actively with you to find new ways to understand, to cope with and to resolve your concerns with a contemporary, flexible and fundamentally human approach.