Personal Development

We all want to be successful and become better people. Many of us seek out therapy because we’re in pain, but it doesn’t have to remain that way. There is so much we can do to improve our character and overcome life’s obstacles. Therapy is there for anyone and can help each of us develop more insight into who we are, improve our understanding about our emotional world, or just to gain support and accountability.

Most of us can understand the need for a physical trainer to get in better physical shape…. Well, think of psychotherapy as acquiring an emotional trainer to help us get in better emotional and psychological shape! Life can blow by us fast and without taking the proper time to stop and think about things and slow down, it might be too late. Many people float through life and are content with not digging too deeply into themselves. And of course, that is the path of least resistance. But if you would like to call a timeout and make the effort to get to know yourself, NOW IS THE TIME…. It’s up to you.

Psychotherapy can offer support for the following:

  • Working through life’s transitions. A few examples are attending college, breakups, new relationships, job changes, moving, marriage, parenthood, etc.
  • Clarifying life direction and focus
  • Tapping into your creativity
  • Enjoying the moment, slowing things down
  • Tapping into your potential and strengths
  • Fixing difficult relationships and creating more whole relationships
  • Connecting to yourself, to your inner world and psyche, and delving deeper into your thoughts and feelings
  • Examining your inner emotional world to better understand yourself
  • Making sense of why you do what you do