Children come into our lives and they are precious, but they don’t come with a manual. How do we behave with our children, connect, act/react, love, educate, discipline, lead by example, and so on…? Parenting is complex in so many ways. When we have children that need extra attention or support, we don’t always have the time to give it. Sometimes our children’s behavior gets worse and worse until you have no choice but to seek help.

The good news is that there is always more that you can do to help your child. Learning how to better interact with your child and be the parent you know you’re capable of being is empowering.

When you learn the tools for how to create more positivity and healthy structure into your relationship with you children, it creates success all around. When parents bring children in for therapy, Jeremy evaluates the child, but also evaluates the parents. Therapy is always more successful when the parents are involved in the therapy using a team approach. Jeremy tells the kid, “Your parents have to do the work just like you do!” And this in turn helps the child to feel less pressure overall and to allow the therapy to flow more freely.

Therapy can be helpful for kids to feel that they have a voice and are listened to. Each child and family are different, but there are universal and proven ways that can be helpful across the board. Learning these principles will help improve the child’s positive behavior while also empowering parents who have an important role. That being said, once you learn these principles, they will be tailored to each individual family and situation.