What type of patients do you see at Stern Wellness?

We see patients across the lifespan, from children to older adults, as well as couples.

What psychological issues do you treat?

We see many issues and specialize in the following: people who are facing difficult life choices, depression, anxiety, relationship and communication issues, marital/parenting difficulties, career dilemmas, health concerns, losses, among others.

How long is an appointment and how often do I need to come to the office?

Sessions are generally 50 minutes. However, they are catered to what is best for each patient’s needs…so they can be shorter at times. Starting out, meeting weekly is most common. On occasion, depending on need, meeting two to three sessions per week can be recommended.

What will the first meeting be like?

Our first session will be a chance to hear about why you’re coming in for therapy and an opportunity for Jeremy to gather information about your life. In addition, it’s a chance for him to ask many questions about your life, family history, childhood, relationships, etc. in order to get to know you better. The first few sessions will be similar to the first. Then, we will move beyond and into addressing the issues for why you came for treatment.

How do I make my first appointment?

Please email Jeremy@SternWellness.com or call Jeremy at 713-875-0890 to schedule

What types of insurance does Stern Wellness accept? How should I pay for services?

For patients seeking treatment in office or virtually from Texas, we accept United Healthcare/Optum and Medicare. For patients seeking treatment virtually from Illinois, we accept United Healthcare/Optum and Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO. Depending on your coverage, you might have a copay at the time of service. If your deductible applies to Behavioral Health services, you might have to pay more per session until it is met.

If I can’t make it to the office, can I use online telemedicine therapy?

Yes, Jeremy offers both in office and online telemedicine therapy options.

How far in advance do I need to contact Jeremy in order to change or cancel my appointment?

Jeremy asks that you give at least 24 hours’ notice before cancelling your appointment.

How can I prepare my child for receiving services at Stern Wellness?

We recommend that parents explain briefly why they feel therapeutic services are important to their children prior to their first session. Being open and honest with your child about their therapy will help them to feel more included in the process. Jeremy is happy to help guide you on how best to do this.

Does Stern Wellness prescribe pharmaceutical medication?

No, we do not have a psychiatrist on staff who can prescribe medication. If someone is in need of medication, we are happy to refer you to a psychiatrist.

How does Stern Wellness store my information? What information does Stern Wellness share with others regarding my case and will I be notified about it?

Your medical records will be maintained with the highest level of confidentiality. Stern Wellness stores all of its patient files in Therapy Notes, an online electronic health record software and website. We only release information about you with your consent.