It’s unfortunate how many of us grow up experiencing situations that affect us negatively for the rest of our lives. We blink our eyes, become adults, and move on. Yet our past stays with us. Even if there were bright spots and happy times sprinkled throughout, the bad times are what’s remembered and these memories plague us.

Trauma comes in many shapes and sizes. What is traumatic for one person, might not be for the next and vice versa. When we are children, we are like sponges absorbing good and bad. Neglect, physical and emotional abuse, little to no food, no stability, no security, no support, no love…and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Thankfully, we have learned so much about trauma in the past 20 years and it has advanced our knowledge and tools about how to process and deal with it. Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, among other modalities of treatment, have been at the forefront of this learning process and are leading the way to help people heal from trauma.