Meet Jeremy

Jeremy Stern, LCSW is a passionate psychotherapist practicing in the Upper Kirby district of Houston, Texas. Jeremy’s practice focuses on people who are facing difficult life choices, depression, anxiety, relationship and communication issues, marital/parenting difficulties, career dilemmas, health concerns and losses, among other issues. He also treats people who have experienced traumatic events in their lives. Many patients seek him out to feel more vital and to live more authentically. Jeremy also works with young adults who need help finding a genuine direction. Much of Jeremy’s practice centers on helping patients to identify and understand the sources of their reactions. Throughout the therapeutic process, Jeremy helps his patients use this newfound understanding of themselves and others to navigate the different facets of their lives. Jeremy creates a close working relationship with his patients and adapts a unique approach to meet their needs.

Jeremy believes that by entering therapy you give yourself an opportunity to explore your needs and feelings with an insightful, caring professional who can help you find new ways to meet the many challenges in your life. Effective treatment hinges on creating a facilitating partnership that imbues therapy with the courage and hope that is so crucial for genuine growth to emerge. It is essential that your therapist be a warm, intelligent, sensitive, and honest person, with exceptional training and experience.

Why my work is my passion?

Ever since childhood I was good at listening to others, and it made me feel good to help alleviate their difficulties. There has always been a special place in my heart to hear what others have to say, to listen attentively and offer insight whenever and wherever needed. Others have shared their thoughts with me that I have been gifted in this way. This continued as I grew older, which led me to pursue this same “listening” as a career. It fuels me to work intimately with others and help them rise up and out of the challenges that are presented to them daily.