Sometimes you can’t get up and out of bed…with no energy and no motivation, it’s like quicksand just to take care of your basic needs. It can be overwhelming on one hand and at the same time each day just continues like the last, with no hope or way out. Others might be able to live and function and yet they feel a pit in their stomach all the while…that won’t let up or go away. Depression can be debilitating…. Whatever we label it as: sadness, low mood, depressed, down, they can all cause us difficulty functioning in life. Some of us are born into chaotic situations where depression comes swiftly as a means to survive, to push away all those bad feelings. What saved us growing up, now becomes a big hindrance to living life to the fullest. Some of us were fine growing up, but now find ourselves in relationships that aren’t healthy, or in working situations that are completely unfulfilling, or stuck in life patterns that keep pulling us back down.

Depression plagues so many of us… In our generation where life is so busy, things move so quickly, very few of us stop to think for even a moment. Years can pass by without introspection and with the blink of an eye we “wake up” and discover things aren’t as we would like them to be.

The way out of depression is not traveling back the way we arrived. Success in overcoming this will take introspection, reflection, exploration, processing, and more. Although it seems daunting, it can be liberating knowing there is a way out.