Teenagers and Kids

An effective therapist must be able to carefully assess the developmental status of his patients and adjust his work accordingly. He must respect the essential humanity of their struggles as he helps them find their way forward.

Teenagers and kids progress fastest in therapy when they have a strong patient-therapist relationship. Therefore, Jeremy spends time to develop this connection. As a sensitive Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, Jeremy Stern strives to be a trusted adult in the eyes of his patients. This leads to deeper conversations and the ability to probe into feelings and experiences.

Depending on age, Jeremy may invite parents to get involved in the journey. He may suggest ways to bring out the best in their child and if parents are supportive, then the child heads more rapidly in a positive direction.

He is warm and engaging, but he is also honest and maintains the integrity of the treatment relationship. A therapist must be a supportive adult, but also be able to challenge his patients out of concern for their wellbeing. He needs to be firmly in their corner while recognizing the current and future challenges that they face. Jeremy works actively with his patients to help them grow into confident, capable, and fulfilled adults